Marina Community Center Playground Project

Marina Community Center Playground Project

The Marina Foundation raised additional funds for the City of Marina’s renovation of the playground adjacent to the Marina Community Center (211 Hillcrest Avenue). The playground is used by elementary and middle school children who frequent the center after school and during breaks. After the renovation, the playground has the space and equipment to give many more children hours of fun, unstructured playtime.

Highlights & Impact
■ The playground is for use by children ages 5 to 12 (grades K-6).
■ The project entailed a complete redesign of the playground, including new, age-appropriate recreational equipment.
■ The Monterey Peninsula Regional Parks District provided a $20,000 grant, and the Monterey Peninsula Foundation Youth Fund contributed a $10,000 grant.
■ The playground project was also funded by donations from the Monterey County Gives Program through the Monterey County Weekly and the Community Foundation for Monterey County.
■ In all, TMF raised over $33,000 in additional funds.

The Marina Community Center Playground is open! The Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening was held on Saturday, November 19th, 2016 at 3:30 p.m. We all got a little wet but the kids got a double header - a brand new playground and they could play in the rain... what could have been better! We know this has been a long time coming but the end result is something everyone can and will enjoy for many years to come. We thank all who were involved in making this happen for our Marina community!


Thanks to partnerships and our Marina community The Marina Foundation has raised the additional funds needed by the City of Marina to upgrade the current playground adjacent to the Marina Community Center. The new playground can accommodate and is accessible to more children after school and during breaks as well as giving children much better options than in the past.

The project entailed the complete redesign of the space immediately adjacent to the Rocky Han Community Center (211 Hillcrest Avenue) for the use of children ages 5 to 12 (grades k-6). The park and playground redesign includes completely new landscaping with turf, plants, proper irrigation and all new, age appropriate playground equipment.

The Marina Foundation received a $20,000 grant from the Monterey Peninsula Regional Parks District, a $10,000 grant from the Monterey Peninsula Foundation Youth Fund, and donations from the Monterey County Gives Program, through the Monterey County Weekly and the Community Foundation for Monterey County.

The City received impact fees and other funds to upgrade the playground and needed additional monies to complete this project that was approved by the Marina City Council on June 21, 2005 as part of the City of Marina Parks and Recreation Master Plan. This project was desperately needed for our elementary school aged children who frequent the Marina Community Center after school and during breaks and holidays.