Mission and Guidelines


Our Mission
To identify and be responsive to the needs of the Marina community.

Our Objective
The Marina Foundation awards scholarships and/or grants to deserving Marina residents, supports educational programs that benefit Marina students, and supports financially those organizations and events that benefit the Marina community. Annual financial grants and/or scholarships to Marina residents are for the purposes of continuing their pursuit of education and/or furthering their knowledge and participation in extracurricular activities including music, arts or sports. Grants may also be awarded for a specific elementary, middle or high school program that would benefit a specific class (example: a class field trip to a science museum). In addition, grants may be awarded to programs that benefit students before or after school.

Awards may be granted on a one time basis or over a specified period of time. Each will require documentation of enrollment or other acceptable proof depending on the type of program.

Program Requirements
Each program will be required to have a completed goal, payout, selection process, and follow up procedure outlined prior to grant approval. Please send a letter of request or your proposal in writing to the Board for approval.

No grant or scholarship shall be awarded without the final approval of the Board of Directors for The Marina Foundation.